For so little, you can make a big difference.

For as little as $15 a month, you can sponsor a student, giving them a chance to reach their potential. Contributions help pay for the upkeep of our school, for study materials, as well as to fund students who want to go on to college. Most importantly, sponsors help us pay qualified teachers who have a passion to instill knowledge and dignity in each and every child.

Sponsoring a student is a great way to build confidence in a child, by letting them know that there is someone cheering them on, someone who believes that they can overcome the obstacles that have kept their family in poverty for generations. By sponsoring a child, you will receive letters and drawings, and why not meet via a Skype call. Once a year we invite sponsors to visit the school during a time of celebration, with song and dance performances. During this time, sponsors have an opportunity to meet the student’s family and get a glimpse into what daily life is like for one of these precious children. The students pictured here are waiting for your help.

Sponsored Children

But many more are waiting for you...