How much does it cost to sponsor a child ?
$15 or $25 per month.

Can I donate more generally to child sponsorship without having an attachment to one particular child ?
Yes you can. We welcome contributions to our general fund.

Why sponsor a Dalit Child?
While the caste system is technically illegal in India, it still has a huge influence upon the culture. Dalit children are considered to be “out of caste,” and denied basic rights, even to a proper education. Education is the only means of overcoming class distinctions and fulfilling their dreams.

Do I need to commit to sponsoring a child for more than one year ?
There is no long-term commitment. You are free to help as long as you can.

What information about the child will be given ?
If you choose to sponsor a specific child, here is exchange you will have:

How much of my donation goes towards sponsoring a child ?
The full amount of the donation goes toward the portion of expenses assigned to each child. When you sponsor an individual child, you assure them a place in the school. The more sponsors we have, the more students we can serve. Donations are used to pay the teacher’s salary, for school supplies, to pay for the school’s rent and utility bills.

How do I send my contribution ?
The NGO is registered in France and Switzerland. Those donating from those two countries can do so by bank transfer directly to the NGO bank account. For sponsors from other countries, the best arrangement is a yearly bank transfer, which doesn’t cost the NGO any fees. But if it’s easier for you, you can use PayPal, CurrencyFair transfer, or Money Gram.

For more informations please download the pdf below: